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INFLUENZA (15): INDIA (RAJASTHAN) MORTALITY Update: 2/5/2013 3:28:08 PM (GMT+7)

Date: Sun 3 Feb 2013 Source: The Times of India, Times News Network (TNN) [edited]

Almost one out of 5 people testing positive for swine flu [presumably
influenza A /(H1N1)pdm09] died in the past 46 days in the state
[Rajasthan]. Ever since influenza has reared its head again, the
Health Department has been concerned about the high death rate.
Figures show that from 13 Dec 2012 to 28 Jan 2013, nearly 378 people
were tested positive for swine flu, 70 of whom had died. The death
rate is as high as 18.51 per cent, which is much higher than the death
rate in 2009-10 and 2010-11. Most of the swine flu cases reported to
date were detected in 2009-10 and 2010-11, when swine flu struck in
the state first, but the death rate in 2009-10 was just 5.87 per cent
and in 2010-11, it was 7.58 per cent. So far, nearly 452 people have
been tested positive for swine flu since 2009. Among them, as many as
427 have died. The death rate due to swine flu since 2009 till date
remained at 7.83 per cent.

In comparison with the previous year [2012], the swine flu cases
reported this year are much higher, which keeps the health department
on its toes to find more information about the trait [genetic
properties] of the virus. In 2011-12, only 100 cases were reported and
20 of them died. But from 1 Apr 2012 till date, already 595 swine flu
cases have been reported. Deaths due to swine flu have increased
5-fold this financial [April to March?] year in comparison with last

In 2010-11, as many as 105 swine flu deaths were reported and 1384
people tested positive. During the current financial year [April to
March?], 104 deaths have already been reported while 595 people have
tested positive.

The state government has swung into action to prevent the spread of
swine flu and also to reduce the death rate due to influenza in the
state. Recently, chief secretary CK Mathew directed the divisional
commissioners and the district collectors to review swine flu status
twice a week in their respective areas. Mathew said there is no need
to panic but it is necessary to go for a swine flu test and if tested
positive, treatment is available at government hospitals. He also
directed health department officials to put efforts into preventing
the spread of swine flu. The chief secretary also directed the
officials concerned to take the necessary measures for treatment of
swine flu patients in the government hospitals.

[byline: Syed Intishab Ali]
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